Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool 9; Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices

I think it's important to tie technology to the objective so that the students learn the appropriate skill being taught. It's important that the students understand the purpose behind each lesson.

I think that students should be held accountable for each station so they will feel empowered about learning the skill being taught. This will also help each student have more autonomy (and pride) when they review the product they have created.

Two interactive websites I would like to try are: Thinkfinity and Studyladder. Each site has multiple activities students could work on. I would require each student to blog about what they learned  about that day.

Two sites that I would like students to use on the iPad are Free Books - 23, 469 and Play Time Theater. 
For accountability, I would also have students blog about the book they were reading in Free Books - plot, character analysis, setting, etc. For Play Time Theater, the students' creation would be the accountability piece.

In regards to the iPad, I think I could produce my own podcasts, so that if students are having difficulty reading a story on their own, they could later listen to mine. I think that would be very beneficial.

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