Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool 7 - Going Global

I finished up last year completing an online project with a high school class in Freiburg, Germany. We worked through (which worked through their e-mail system). I'll plan a similar project for the upcoming fall semester. In conjunction with reading the novel, Breathing Underwater, students shared their experiences in the following areas of their lives: dating practices in each respective country, the use of alcohol and drugs, weekend activities, and family activities. Students communicated with each other individually and through groups that each instructor set up. The project went well, my students enjoyed making new friends half way across the world. They were amazed by the similarities they had with the other students. In addition to the ePals e-mail system, I am going to also try another tool, such as Skype or Voicethread to speed up the communication process. ePals tended to be on the slow side, but was also a good exercise practicing writing skills.

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  1. WOW! Sounds like you have made a great connection. You might want to consider Edmodo as the vehicle through which your classes discuss and collaborate. It is an educational social media site.